Hello Darling

Welcome to my online home. its all mayhem and foolishness over here, so exactly like my real life home too. my tribe is currently running a muck in Norfolk, virginia. If you can handle the madness, shoot me an email, I promise i'm a great third wheel. 

you + me

if you came for prom poses or a sears style photographer, you must have been searching the wrong part of the dark web
because you're in the wrong place. this isn't mean girls and we aren't plastic. I live for movement, i live for
emotion, I live for piggy back rides, close snuggles and lots of pda.

i want to photograph you. your mayhem, your foolishness, all your disfunction, and what makes your love story unique.
we get real.
oh, I get all the stories to come out during our time together. from juicy, to embarrassing to aweeeeeeee.
we get close.
not only am i inches from your face close, don't worry i got gum. but some of my best tribe members started as my clients. 
we play games.
i'm kinda like jigsaw. "wanna play a game?". but i promise they only ever end in laughter, well sometimes tears. but the good kind.
we have fun. 
honestly i'm so adhd, and full of inappropriate jokes that my clients spend most of their time feeling like they've been just laughing 
at a friend than at a photoshoot, and that my friends is exactly how I like it. 
So....if you can get down with all this, let's shoot.
then... come on over and lets have drinks because we're for sure meant to be friends. 

i'm brittany 

I'm a messy haired, always barefoot, light chasing, photo taking, wife and mama. i love the smell of the earth, the touch of the waves, the taste of berries, the sight of trees, the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive. all i want to do is travel the world, connect with souls, take pretty pictures,  hangout with my tribe and breathe the air of new places.  wanna know more? head over to my vibe and read the rest!

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Good Vibes 

I couldn't have asked for a better maternity session than the one I had with Darling Little Dove! Brittany ensured I received the most fabulous photos through attention to the smallest details and made me feel 100% comfortable and confident during my shoot. If you're looking for a quality photographer, you've found her! I can't thank her enough for beautifully capturing such an important time in my life!