information SESSION - $250
This 1-2 hour session either over coffee or via skype will cover whatever you want to know! I'm an open book and am happy to answer any questions. This is a time for you to set aside to invest in your knowledge, your business, and learn tips + tricks from me.  

Typically,  sessions will cover the following: 
+ finding your niche & style
+ attracting your dream client
+ emails & client interaction
+ lightroom tricks
+ workflow
+ website & blogging
+ pricing & contracts  

This is an all-encompassing session that will cover everything I do from start to finish. From attracting + booking my dream clients, to shooting, to the final delivery of images. This session includes a  styled shoot with a couple so you can see how I shoot, pose, + direct them and you'll be able to shoot along side me! then we'll head home and we'll get to edit together!

These sessions range from 3-5 hours.

Sessions include
+ finding your niche, your style + your aesthetic
+ how to attract & book your ideal client
+ shooting & posing 
+ live shoot with models or couple
+ how to find good light
+ workflow - from start to finish
+ contracts + websites + programs that make my life easier
+ how to advertise on facebook and instagram

wanna hangout and learn together or have something fun you wanna collaborate on?

If you’ve found this page, chances are you are already a photographer. Whether you are interested in a professional path or artfully documenting your beautiful, everyday life, I am here to help. 
Investing in yourself and your photography education is an ongoing journey and I am thrilled that you would consider me to be a part of yours.

never did i ever think i would be so blessed that this would be my everyday job. i just started as a mom with a camera, who's always loved to take photos. i still am shocked and honored every time someone asks me to host a workshop or collaborate with them.
i 100% know that i would not be where i am today without the help of mentors along the way. 

since i've staRted i've changed my work ethic + editing aesthetics numerous times, been mentored, attended photography workshops, hosted workshops, and have gained insight, tips + tricks that I'm excited to share!