Photography is just that, an investment. Its an investment in your memories, and when you look at it that way, the cost is really secondary. I love capturing memories and creating an experience rather than just doing a typical photo shoot. We live in a digital age where everyone has a digital camera and anyone can upload their photos to social media and claim to be a “photographer".I fully believe the images I create come from talent and ability, rather than just from the work of an expensive camera. "Your camera takes great photos!", is probably the biggest insult you can give a photographer. Photography is a skill I’ve acquired over many years of practice. It also took me many years to even somewhat get a hold on how to run a business, and everyday there is something new to learn.

I love capturing souls. I love capturing that moment when your soul smiles, not just a forced faced smile. Luckily, getting people to laugh is a skill I’ve always had, so I’m pretty much a natural at creating perfect candid moments. This isn't me boasting or speaking highly of myself...this is just me saying I alone, just being my normal self is embarrassing enough to make anyone laugh at me. 

I hate poses and love adventures. If you're down for some great memories, real laughs and fun adventures, well lets do this thangggg!!  

it's all about

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portrait package

Wedding day coverage starts at a minimum booking of 6 hours.
-Second Shooter 
-300+ edited, high resolution color and b&w images
-Online image gallery + digital download
-Print release
*If you book your engagement then decide to use me for your wedding, your engagement session price will be put towards your wedding cost*

This covers couples, families, maternity, lifestyle, etc.
things included:
-my exclusive style guide to get you picture day ready
-1 hour session time
-2 outfits 
-Online image gallery + digital download
-Print release

I'm always down for an adventure in a new location for your session. 

Travel is included within 40 miles round-trip of Virginia bEach, va.

If you decide you'd like to travel outside my radius,  Additional travel fees may apply.

$50 deposit required at time of booking for portraits and 35% required for weddings. 

Tax and processing fees not included. 

Your session and date are not official until contracts are signed and deposit is paid.


Contact me for prices

I’ve compiled a list of places that are on my bucket list to experience, and i would love to experience it with an incredible couple too! i'm offering discounted packages to any couples that would like to bring me and my most trusted second shooter to any of these places! Travel is what makes my heart pitter patter, meeting cool people is one of my favorites too. If your dream shoot/wedding day matches up with any of these, let’s make it happen!

 International                             stateside
            -Iceland                                      -Alaska    
                  -Egypt                                   -nantucket, ma   

              -Maldives                               -Denver, colorado 

       -Santorini, Greece                   -the grand canyon

    -the Bahamas                             -Joshua tree, ca

        -Switzerland       -Glacier National Park, Montana  

            -New Zealand                              -maui, hawaii     

i want to breathe air from all over the world 

travel bucket list



whats a style guide?

how many photos do i get?

do you take payments?

how long before I get my photos?

how do i get my photos?

do i get all the unedited too?

my style guide is something my clients ABSOLUTELY ADORE. I've come to realize choosing outfits was THE MOST STRESSFUL for my clients. I want our session to be something you look forward to...not stress out about. I do all the thinking for you, so all you have to do is get excited! 

yes! you are required to pay your deposit up front, after you've signed your contracts to be able to get officially on my books. after that you can setup your own payment plan with me. portrait sessions are due in full the week before your session. weddings are due in full one month before your wedding. 

I know its torture waiting for photos you've just taken! I will always post a sneak peak to my page 3 full business days after your session. Portrait sessions will receive a full gallery 2 weeks after their shoot date. weddings will receive their gallery 6-8 weeks after their wedding date. 

I will send you an online link to your gallery. you can download all your full resolution photos there, straight to your computer.
weddings will also receive a usb in conjunction with an online gallery  for all their photos.

my photos are art. unfinished art would never be acceptable delivered to you. 

just like you, every session is unique. I can't guarantee 50+ photos for every session, because every session has different elements that could affect the total number of useable images. (kids, being late, how comfortable you are, weather, etc.). I do however give every you every useable image. useable meaning, from a professional standpoint, what i think looks good and stays true to my look and brand. 

my most asked questions